AMAZING DEAL on StylishAbandon!

I'm moving from NY to LA in a week, and really want to get rid of my clothes on StylishAbandon (my shopping site)

I'm selling the designer stuff at a consignment store in a few days, and was planning on selling the rest at Buffalo Exchange, but I'd rather sell it to you guys! So here's what I'm gonna do:

*If you like an item currently for sale, MAKE ME AN OFFER.

*Email stylishabandon@gmail.com with the item name and the price you're willing to pay for it (be reasonable though) and i'll see if i'll accept it. Shipping will still be through UPS ($9-$12 within the US, please ask for international shipping rates)

*you can also bargain for several items together!!

*What an AMAZING deal!

Go to StylishAbandon now!!



zog_etiquette said...

yes we're giving the away
we have so many puppies we don't know what to do. Were having no problem giving them away, we only have three more left. I'd be glad to give one to you if you want to pick it up. I live a million miles away from you though!


Style Bite said...

How exciting! I just moved from SF to LA. What neighborhood are you moving to? If you want a shopping buddy in LA, shoot me an email!