I'm still debating about going tomorrow, it's gonna be so insanely hectic!! But it might be worth it if I can snap any of these AMAZING Topshop pieces. An entire SHOE LOUNGE on the 3rd floor? WHAT???!? Why is this opening only a month before I move away?
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Nataliexxx said...

I think it's great for you New Yorkers & Americans in general that TS is opening in the Big Apple b/c I know that if I was American I would be sooooo delighted!

However, many of us Brits disagree with TS's decision to set up stores internationally. Just b/c we think it was great how TS was COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE to Britain only -and if you lived overseas you could just buy online.

Idk..., it's just not the same now knowing that Americans can buy the clothes in a store as and when they please -and the store's meant to be better then the flagship one on Londons Oxford Street.

Oh well, sorry to dampen you're happiness -i'd be so so excited too if I was American -especially if I was a New Yorker -but hopefully you can understand where i'm coming from.

Anyways, happy shopping in New York!!! :-)

Mimi Jolie said...

Ahhh!! haha i bookmarked all the same things! ;)

Meg said...

I can see Natalie's POV, above. I live in the states now and have lived abroad previously, and I do know how much more Americans have at their fingertips shop-wise and brand/designer-wise. But I think Philip Green has had the idea to go international for some time now, as was mentioned in a Conde Nest report a few years ago and prior to the success of Kate's launch with her TS collections. On one hand I can totally see where she is coming from, and on the other hand, think that it was inevitable.

Meg said...

maybe those who have suffered the lay off at Conde Nast can find refuge in working at the new TS...just a thought :)