I'm constantly on the lookout for classic summer pieces to wear year after year. Nautical striped sweaters, big sailing totes, and brown leather Tropezienne sandals all invoke daydreams of fictional summers on my rich, handsome boyfriend's yacht in the Hamptons (my dream bf is also a filmmaker or artist too...yeah, I know. Dream on.) Over the years I've accumulated a number of faux-hamptons-dream items, many of which are from Forever 21 or Zara and have since fallen apart from cheapness and overuse. Today I just happened upon the nautical sweater below, and I wondered why I didn't ever think to go to the actual source, rather than searching eternally for knockoff versions.

Nautica for the sweater...

L.L. Bean for the tote...
$17-$30 (dependent upon size),

and K. Jacques St. Tropez for the sandals...


Marchelle said...

I really like those sandals. They are super cute! I love the nautical's so classic but I love how designers update it!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all, personally I prefer the tropeziennes made by RONDINI in Saint tropez in their workshop. These are the original tropeziennes and now you can buy their sandals on their website / e-shop :