I'm In Love

Today at OAK I tried on the incredible Alexander Wang Denim & Leather Motorcycle Jacket, though the "denim" section is actually a super soft suede. IT. IS. AMAZING. Words cannot describe how much I was in love with it, though I'm still questioning the style durability of the jacket, aka is it just super trendy and THATS why I'm so attracted to it? Or in ten years will it be that vintage Alexander Wang leather jacket that I plan on giving to my hip little kids? You be the judge. Here it is in all its glory. I'm sure you've seen it tons of times, but if you haven't seen it in real life, get over to Oak or Barneys and try it on just for fun!
Buy it at Forward Forward $1430, ELuxury, Shopbop, or Barneys

Photobucket's styling à la Daria Werbowy

Miroslava Mikheeva
Mikheeva and a friend (in the Wang)
Dasha Zhukova
Lindsay Lohan


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I'm constantly on the lookout for classic summer pieces to wear year after year. Nautical striped sweaters, big sailing totes, and brown leather Tropezienne sandals all invoke daydreams of fictional summers on my rich, handsome boyfriend's yacht in the Hamptons (my dream bf is also a filmmaker or artist too...yeah, I know. Dream on.) Over the years I've accumulated a number of faux-hamptons-dream items, many of which are from Forever 21 or Zara and have since fallen apart from cheapness and overuse. Today I just happened upon the nautical sweater below, and I wondered why I didn't ever think to go to the actual source, rather than searching eternally for knockoff versions.

Nautica for the sweater...

L.L. Bean for the tote...
$17-$30 (dependent upon size),

and K. Jacques St. Tropez for the sandals...


I just bought these aDORABLE lace-up sandals by Bijux shoes that look like the Anne Deumelmeester ones that Jane from Sea of Shoes has.
Bijux from Pixie Market

Anne D's.

They're sold out, but they're getting another shipment in next week!!

credit: Seaofshoes



Sophomore Spring Online

Cut-out dress $220

T-shirt, $65

Twist Tank Top, $60

Locals Only Tee, $60

Peace Tee, $60

Available on


E + J Jewelry

Overpriced, but oh so covetable... I'm so tempted to splure on that knuckle ring...

Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring, $195
RLM for E + J Dagger bracelet, $375
RLM for E + J Snake cuff, $495

I really should be working on my essays....

I've got ONE WEEK LEFT OF COLLEGE. And two final papers to do. But I'd rather look at pics of gorgeous clothes and the women who wear them on Chloe Sevigny lives right near me (like probably on the same street, I see her EVERYWHERE) and I would do anything to be able to break into her closet and steal this Chloe blazer. Jk... kind of...






An Alice + Olivia rip-off is nothing compared to the A. Wang rip-off. A + O has a middle range price point and is known as a fashion forward label, so I personally can't WAIT to try on their military jacket since I'll probably never be able to own the Balmain version!

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Grey Gardens

I'm so sad I missed the premiere of Grey Gardens this weekend, I'm absolutely fascinated by the original documentary and would love to see how Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange do in portraying the two Edies! I made my dad Tivo it at home so hopefully he remembered and I'll get to watch it in a few weeks when I go back to LA. For now I'll have to be satisfied with this gorgeous picture from US Vogue February 2009 that's reminiscent of the gorgeous Grey Gardens mansion.

PS- I haven't bought an American Vogue in god knows how long, but the current Supermodel issue is really great. They seriously need to go back to focusing on models rather than crappy actresses like Blake Lively!

credit: Modelcouture



So a few months ago when I was in San Francisco, I bought a PERFECTLY worn in vintage white v-neck tee at Wasteland on Haight st (my friend's boyfriend was absolutely shocked that I would spend $28 on a v-neck tee, he wore them everyday and bought the 3-pack fruit of the loom versions at target.) Tonight, as I was deciding what would go with my new black velvet puff shoulder jacket, I discovered the amazing white tee stuffed in the back of my dresser drawer. Voila, a wonderful outfit (along with my tribal inspired metallic Topshop necklace). As I gaped in awe at the amazing sheerness and softness of the t-shirt, i realized that somewhere online, there must be a recipe for making any old t-shirt look and feel vintage. Here's what i found from the Men's Health website, of all things. I will definitely be trying this out on those Fruit of the Loom 3-pack men's undershirts!

What you need to fabricate a vintage T-shirt:
1/4 c sodium carbonate washing soda + 2 c salt + 1 pack fine-grit sandpaper + 1 new T-shirt

Step 1: Make Your Mix
To create a vintage T-shirt, start by mixing together the washing soda and salt. "The salt acts as an abrasive, making the shirt look older," says Miyong Noh, who, as head dyer at Gene Mignola in New York City, ages clothing for designers such as Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren. The alkaline washing soda breaks down the new shirt's built-in coating that keeps it stiff, crisp, and . . . well, new. Start with one size larger than you wear; it will shrink considerably.

Step 2: Do The Wash
Throw the shirt into the washing machine with a towel or with other shirts you're trying to age. Set the machine on the highest temperature. "The heat weakens the fibers," Noh says. After the water has risen past the top of the load, dump in the soda/salt mixture and your usual detergent. After it's done, dry the shirt on high heat. Then mix up another, smaller batch of soda and salt, and repeat the whole cycle three to five times, drying on high heat after each wash.

Step 3: Brush It Off
Now for that pesky logo. "Most printed shirts are screened with a resin-based material called plastisol," Noh says. "You can distress the hell out of the shirt, and the plastisol logo will still be pristine." Here's where some elbow grease comes in. Using fine sandpaper, lightly swipe at the logo using circular but irregular strokes. "You have to make the aging look natural," says Noh.

I havent tried it yet because I'm waiting to get to my parents house where we have an in-house washing machine (I figured it'd be too hard to try at the sketchy laundromat downstairs), but i'll definitely let you know and see the results of my endeavors. i would post a pic of the amazing vintage tee but I can't seem to find my camera right now.

if you make one with this recipe, let me know!!

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Thigh Highs and Garter Belts

Alaïa Boots

Givenchy Headband

More New Obsessions
*Chloe Paraty - yummmm
*Isabel Marant Boots -Retailing for $1,300?!?
*Rag & Bone Belt that I tried on the other day and is super long and doesn't fit me well :( but I love it all the same!

PS - My mom just bought me the Alexander McQueen for Target military vest seen on whowhatweardaily!
Can't wait! Mom, mail it to me pleeeease!!

credit: fashionindie, Let's Live Fast,


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The Erin Wasson RVCA white vest is up on the RVCA site (along with a bunch of the other pieces), but now that I see that its kinda short and really fitted, I'm not sure I like it as much as I thought I would. Probably just because I've been skimping on the crunches...
What do you think?

Unkown Legend Vest, $220


Vlada Roslyakova in Vogue Paris, January 2009. Nocturnal Beauty

credit: Modelcouture


My new shopping blog is blossoming!! We've got TONS of new clothes, including great Vintage pieces and High End Designer pieces! Here are some of my favorite things currently available in the store:

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