Yeahhh I love you Alex, but...

I just couldn't pass up an IDENTICAL copy of Alex Wang's fringe open toe ankle boots.

REAL: >$700
FAKE: $34.80

My Forever 21 babies are on their way to LA where I'll pick them up during my spring break in a week! First I'm going to visit my childhood BFF Nina in Berkeley, where we'll inevitably go on insane vintage shopping sprees (including some trips to San Fran, any suggestions on shopping/eating?), maybe get some more tattoos, and have crazy parties at her Berkeley co-op. Then its home to LA for a few days of chillin with the fam, eating amazing and healthy homecooked meals, and not spending a dime except on gas and shopping. Time with my family= free movies, food, and rent. Sometimes I really hate being a grownup.

PS- I turn 22 WEDNESDAY!


Anonymous said...

Zuni Cafe in SF is SOOOO yummy, hip and fab-u!
Kind of expensive but worth it! You'll feel like you're eating ALL night! Reservations are encouraged!

Arianna said...

THANK YOU!! I'll try to check it out!!

sonja said...

can't tell the difference between the real and the fake! Hope you and Nina have fun! Can't wait to see you in hopping in silverlake?

Arianna said...

yayy yes cant wait to see you!!! xoxoxx