Vintage Obsessions

My entire life right now is about CLOTHES. I go to work at Lucky and stare at and play with clothes all day, then I come home and ebay, shopstyle, and google everything I saw that day that I loved. Then on the weekends, Lower East Side vintage shopping consumes the majority of my days.
My current searches:
-A brown leather bomber like this

(I've been stalking Ebay for months looking for the perfect one. I found it a while back and then somehow forgot to bid.)
-Vintage 70's brown wooden platforms
I JUST bought these from Etsy seller Carnivore Cockatiel Vintage.
I can't wait to get them!
-a Balmain-esque military jacket. Yet I think I'll get sick of it really fast so I probably won't buy one. I tried the forever 21 military jacket that Rumi from Fashion Toast has, but the buttons were already falling off so I decided against it.

On another note, if you're looking for amazing, good quality vintage pieces on ebay, check out Persephone Vintage

I bought this gorgeous dress from them and wore it for valentines day dinner. Perfection

Here are some of my fave pieces from their current listings:
Amazing Military Jacket

Adorable Plaid Dress

The Perfect Black BLazer

Lace-up Ankle Boots

Black Lace Dress

If you find an amazing little brown leather bomber somewhere, please let me know!!


白宁 said...

omg!!! i need to check out Persephone vintage!! that plaid dress, the blazer and those shoes have seriously ALL been on my search list! well not the plaid dress...thats just cute. but the blazer and the shoes!!!

Arianna said...

ya its seriously amazing. check out too. cant wait to see you so soon!!! xxox