Jellies Jam Again

Who could forget the lovable jelly sandals we all wore in the 90's. You know what I'm talking about; those strappy things that came in a rainbow of colors that were slightly reminiscent of today's hot gladiator sandals?
My favorites are by Givenchy Photobucket $165, Barneys.com. They also come in pink.

Marc Jacobs makes jelly ballet flats that are jelly-licious and come in opaque black, and translucent yellow, pink, and gray
Photobucket $160, Barneys.com

Target sells some that are similar to the MJ version at a fraction of the price
$8.99 Target.com

Urban Outfitter's "Fairytales Are True" Jellies come in black, blue, yellow, gray, and white, and are on sale for $10! I like the bright yellow versions for a splash of summery color.
Photobucket$10, urbanoutfitters.com

And then there are the Marni jellies. Hot pink, translucent, and very '60's mod, like what Twiggy might have worn poolside.
$159, Net-A-Porter.com

Confused about what to wear about this daring, retro trend? Try neutral colors such as gray, white, and black. A casual Black T-shirt dress would fit the Marnis perfectly, and the Givenchys would look great with jean shorts and a slouchy white tee, perfect for those hot summer days.

Sorry for the lack of posts, schools almost out and I've been writing for TheVogueCity.com for which I will soon be reviewing sample sales. Check the Advice Apparel link for my articles and reviews!
<3 Arianna

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